Throughout her life, Melody has always been focused on helping others and solving problems. Whether she’s advising women who are running for office to represent our interests, participating in legal clinics to inform immigrants of their legal rights, or working with community partners to support important causes, Melody believes in working hard and getting things done.

Melody is a lawyer, community advocate, and a proud daughter of immigrants. Though raised in Chattanooga, Melody studied at and earned degrees from leading universities across the US. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Bentley University, a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Washington, and a Law Degree from the University of Southern California. After completing her education, Melody returned home to Chattanooga to serve her community. She ran for US Congress in 2016 as the Democratic nominee in Tennessee’s 3rd District.

Melody’s current work and volunteer priorities include criminal justice reform, support for public education, job creation and workforce development, and rights of immigrants.


Melody will get things done for Chattanoogans and for Tennessee. She has worked hard her entire life and is not afraid to stand up to the powerful when advocating for people in need. Melody supports better schools for our kids, higher paying jobs with family benefits, and decent affordable healthcare for every man, woman, and child.