From an article in Courthouse News Service by DANIEL JACKSON

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Down the hall from where voting is going on, attorney Melody Shekari stands next to a table holding up plates of cold cuts, chips, veggies and soda.

She volunteered to stand on-call to answer any election-related legal questions from the Bredesen campaign. But on that Saturday afternoon, Shekari donned a Halloween-themed sweater vest and was working with nonpartisan nonprofit Civic Nation to hold a mini celebration for voters who cast ballots.

She herself has worked as poll watcher in the past, when she wasn’t filing her own paperwork to run for U.S. Congress or the Tennessee House of Representatives. She said poll watching helps highlight where there are issues.

For example, Shekari said unless someone reported it, people wouldn’t know that transgender voters faced issues in states that have voter ID laws. They might be challenged because their gender identification doesn’t match what’s on their ID.

“It’s a real problem and it really shouldn’t be,” Shekari said.