Shekari Sees Public/Private Partnerships as Key to Attracting Businesses to the Region and Creating Hundreds of Jobs That Pay Livable Wages 

Chattanooga attorney Melody Shekari is running to succeed longtime Rep. JoAnne Favors as State Representative for Tennessee’s 28th District. Shekari believes that providing good jobs with benefits is a critical issue for the families in her district. Introducing legislation to create public/private partnerships will be one of her top priorities, if elected to serve the people of the 28th District.

Shekari says,

“For many years our community benefitted from having Kirkman High School, a technical and vocational school. Thousands of people learned valuable trade skills that helped them to support their families. The time has come to create a new kind of Kirkman, a 21st Century Kirkman that will teach kids and adults the skills needed to succeed in today’s economy.”

The most successful models for this kind of training center involve partnerships between government, the business sector, and organized labor. Today, companies cannot fill all of the available skilled job openings, because there aren’t enough trained workers. A 21st Century Kirkman could teach kids during the day and adults during evenings and weekends. This new facility would be a true community school, providing job training and continuing education for people of all ages.

Shekari adds,

“By combining union apprentice programs with corporate support inside a high-performing public school, we can be leaders in education innovation, economic development, and job creation. We’ve had enough talk. It’s time for action.”

Throughout her life, Shekari has been focused on helping others and solving problems. Whether she’s advising women who are running for office to represent our interests, participating in legal clinics to inform immigrants of their legal rights, or working with community partners to support important causes, Shekari believes in working hard and getting things done.

Melody Shekari will get things done for Chattanoogans and for Tennessee. She has worked hard her entire life and is not afraid to stand up to the powerful when advocating for people in need. Shekari supports better schools for our kids, higher paying jobs with family benefits, and decent affordable healthcare for every man, woman, and child.