Chattanooga attorney Melody Shekari has announced her candidacy to represent the 28th District in the Tennessee State House of Representatives. On Friday, May 11th, Melody launched her campaign in front of an abandoned supermarket on Glass Street in East Chattanooga, calling the public’s attention to the lack of basic services available in the area’s low-income neighborhoods.

In her announcement speech, Shekari said,

“Too many people in our community can’t even buy groceries in their neighborhood. This creates a real hardship for families and children. If I am elected, one of my first initiatives will be to bring grocery stores, medical clinics, and other resources to our neighborhoods that need better access to services.”

Melody Shekari has been a lifetime advocate for others. She has served as an advisor for women running for public office, she has offered legal services and clinics to immigrants who did not know their legal rights, and she has been a proud partner of community organizations fighting for important local causes. She believes in working hard and getting things done.

A lawyer, community advocate, and proud daughter of immigrants, Melody Shekari’s current work and volunteer priorities include criminal justice reform, support for public education, job creation and workforce development, and the rights of immigrants.

Though raised in Chattanooga, Melody has studied across the nation at some of its finest institutions. She holds a Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Economics and International Relations from Bentley University, a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Washington, and a Juris Doctor from the University of Southern California Gould School of Law. After completing her education, Shekari returned to Chattanooga to continue serving her community. In 2016, Melody Shekari ran for the United States House of Representatives as the Democratic nominee in Tennessee’s 3rd District.

Melody Shekari will get things done for Chattanooga and for Tennessee. She has worked hard her entire life, and has never backed down from a challenge when advocating for people in need. Shekari is not running to take a seat, but instead, to take a stand – a stand for all members of the 28th District.