We’re pretty sure Chuck’s scared.

Melody Shekari is running to give people a real choice in this election – and to show people that choice, she’s challenged Rep. Chuck Fleischmann to debate – several times. Not just one debate in the smallest county in the district and not a debate after early voting is all but finished. No: multiple debates across the district that reach all the voters they are running to represent. Anything less would be cowardly.

Enterprising citizen Michelle Peterson has also challenged her congressman to debate Ms. Shekari. In a viral Facebook post on her business’ website, The Urban Lawn, Ms. Peterson confessed herself a former voter for the congressman but wanted to see him debate Ms. Shekari to address her latest concerns. The post can be seen here.


The latest challenge was in person, at the Times-Free Press office on the day of their interviews with the editorial board. Chuck said he’d “check his schedule.”


Seriously, Chuck, it’s October in an election year and you have to ‘check your schedule’ to talk to the people who are going to vote for you in three weeks. You really are #DoNothingChuck.


Of course, you have plenty of reason to be scared and you’ve shown you’re a coward, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.