The world is reeling from terrorist attacks devastating local communities in each corner of the globe. As we reach across borders to rebuild, we must change. We have to change the solutions we have been using in the past in order to respond to an evolving threat.

But the House of Representatives chose the opposite when it passed HR 4820. Co-authored by our representative Chuck Fleischmann, this pointless bill supports the continual use of old, out-of-date techniques. HR 4820 says quite a bit, but it does nothing. When asked how the bill will address the spread of “home-grown” terrorism, Chuck replied, “[This bill] is as American as apple pie.”

That’s right. When faced with a meaningful question about a very real problem facing our country, our congressman responded with a meaningless quip about dessert while passing legislation for the simple goal of a press release.

Terrorism feeds on poverty and misfortune, offering false hope to those without a better alternative. Melody Shekari knows that we have to work to enhance and embolden NATO efforts in Afghanistan, ensuring a successful future for their newly installed democratic government. In Syria, we have to come together with the Syrian opposition and show unity in order to negotiate an end to the Assad regime. To prepare for the unknown, Melody supports a renewed Congressional Authorization of the Use of Military Force (AUMF): one that allows us to more precisely and effectively target terror groups without an unnecessary, large-scale deployment of US troops. By furthering meaningful efforts across the globe, Melody strives to present a brighter future and secure world for all people.

Security is not synonymous with slander. Melody Shekari rejects the hatred from members of the right and refuses to accept the notion that we must cast blame on any particular religion. It is this sort of impulsive and misguided action that allows terrorist groups to create the perception of the West waging a war on Islam and other cultures. These actions only strengthen groups like ISIS and engender more anti-Western sentiment, making the world a less secure place for everyone.

The clock keeps ticking every day, time only heightening the danger we face. We must act soon to ensure movement towards a terror-free world. A change in Washington’s tactics will only occur with a change in Washington’s leaders. Elect Melody Shekari, a leader who isn’t afraid to answer the tough questions.